The Crowfoot Light Railway website

A garden railway built and operated by Andy and Sheila McMahon at their home in Beccles, Suffolk.

Sub-page for 'TRAINS ON THE C.L.R.'

Locomotives in working condition
  • 'Countess'
  • 'Merlin'
  • 'Powis Castle'
  • 'Dockyard No. 2'

Locomotives awaiting construction as kits (all intended to be radio controlled)

  1. 'Grace' GRS resin loco kit of Quarry Hunslet powered by battery but of steam outline.We are looking to get this locomotive fitted with radio control and onboard battery power and sound.  With help from the RC fitter I'm hoping to learn how to carry out this work for myself on other similar kits. 
  2. Swift Sixteen resin kit of WW1 tin turtle loco.
  3. IP Engineering kit of tram loco.

List of non locomotive rolling stock in use on The CLR

Accucraft built W+LLR rtr wagons and coaches

  • 2 in No. goods brake vans.
  • 3 in No. covered goods vans.
  • 2 in No. cattle vans.
  • 5 in No, open wagons in data only grey
  • 5 in No. Peate PO wagons in private owner livery
  • 4 in No. timber wagons
  • 4 in No. flat wagons (we have kits to easily convert these wagons when needed, into sheep wagons).
  • 1 in No. 2 plank open wagon in GWR grey livery.
  • 2 in No. 3rd/Brake bogie passenger coaches in GWR livery.
  • 1 in No. Composite bogie passenger coach in GWR livery.
Kits from other manufacturers
  • 1 in No. RNAD style tanker wagon in freelance MOD(RN) livery
  • 2 in No. RNAD style flat wagons in freelance MOD(RN) livery
  • 1 in No. RNAD style brake van in freelance MOD(RN) livery
  • 2 in No. Swift Sixteen low loader bogie wagons in freelance MOD(RN) livery
  • 1 in No. scratchbuilt bogie cable drum carrier
  • 1 in No. Wrightlines Pechot crane and two match trucks all mounted on WD bogies in black livery (ex WW1 trench railways)
  • 3 in No. Swift Sixteen hopper wagons in PO Crowfoot Quarry livery
  • 1 in No. Swift Sixteen freelance goods brake van in CLR livery
Kits awaiting construction
  • 3 in No. Class D WD bogie open wagons (ex WW1 trench railways)
  • 3 in No.  Swift Sixteen tank wagons to be built as bogie wagons using WD bogies