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The Crowfoot Light Railway website

A garden railway built and operated by Andy and Sheila McMahon at their home in Beccles, Suffolk.

This is the Sub-page for 'STATIONS AND HALTS'.


Much has changed here since this photo.  Here can be seen the brick base against the gravel board to support a low profile factory building.

The spindly bush will be dug out and replaced elsewhere once the weather warms up.  This should allow plenty of room for a concrete base for a substantial station building and parcel weighing hut.

Seen here is the partially lifted goods passing loop.  To the right out of sight in this photo is the single road exit from the loop into the engine shed.

Here can be seen the location of the new point exiting the goods passing loop which will connect with the new set up of the north goods yard.  Much work has been done since this photo.  There is now concrete supported brick trackbase supporting trackwork from the point seen here and another point to link with Filcris trackbase for the two sidings that have yet to be completed. 


Once Crowfoot north goods yard is completed the rear of Crowfoot Engine shed should be visible in this view.  It will be accessed from the goods passing loop at a point out of view above the area shown in this photo.   

A crossing keeper's cottage will be installed near here.

The left hand track seen here is just a single goods siding that exits the running line just out of view below the bottom of this photo. 
We plan another goods siding to exit the original goods siding and swing left following the curve of the Filcris edging to the pebble area.  This is intended for visitors to set up trains on without obstructing running lines. 
None of this work has been started.  

We've cleared some of the more annoying hanging branches of the Sequoia tree.  We managed to dig out the remnants of the bamboo roots and flatten the top of the rise to the left of this photo behind the vertical support bricks.  This flat top is now occupied by a concrete church model on a large slate like external floor tile. 
Whilst brushing the winter away the trackwork in this area received a little TLC.  Where track joins are under pressure or show signs of not being robust enough for the rough treatment we give it then I change the Peco SM32 rail joiners with the SM45 versions.  I know I've not ballasted yet but I may start it this summer. 
The amount of work  required to clear the winter from this area justifies our view that it is simpler to clear away most of the structures and get them out again for running sessions.  It is, in my view at least, worth the effort to reduce damage and general deterioration. 


This view shows the area before much of the post winter track clearing was carried out. The platform to the left of the track will be widened with brick supports under a wooden station building supplied as a kit by Bole Laser Craft. 

The slate path from the end of the platform to the track crossing at the entrance to the temple was to have fencing the train side to protect pedestrians.  I fear that a proper height fence will connect with passing trains and we may have to dispense with Health and Safety.  I may attempt to resolve the problem with some low lying artificial foliage along the route. 
We intend to move the black solar powered lights.