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The Crowfoot Light Railway website

A garden railway built and operated by Andy and Sheila McMahon at their home in Beccles, Suffolk.


      The Crowfoot Light Railway needs trains and we have a slow growing collection of locomotives with goods, passenger and other rolling stock.  There are few near scratchbuilt items but many more kit built to back up the ready to run (rtr) items in our collection. 

       Below, we look at our locomotives, followed by a photograph gallery of trains running on the CLR.

       A list of rolling stock available to use is set out on the sub-page together with some pending projects.

          We started to re-build this website autumn 2017 using photos available to us then.  Many of the out of date photos will be replaced when there are more appropriate photographs to replace them.  This hopefully will be gradually up to when the CLR gets up and fully running again in the spring 2019. 
          Note that each of the three main pages of this website will have a sub-page listing necessary work and pending or recent changes to the railway.  -  Andy

'Countess' in GWR locomotive green.  A live steam loco with radio control.

Purchased RTR manufactured by Accucraft.

This is a very attractive locomotive that now runs very well but has historically required a variety of repairs and attention.  This is best tasked with hauling the three GWR liveried W+LLR bogie coaches we have which were also manufactured by Accucraft.

Clearly missing in this shot is the W decal from the side tank.  This got rubbed off inside a storage box.

'Merlin' in Crowfoot Light Railway (CLR) lined green.  A live steam locomotive with radio control.
Purchased RTR manufactured by Roundhouse with lining applied by another trader. 
This is a Roundhouse Katie loco with an added tender.  This is a freelance model so has no prototype history though it is a very good example of a generic UK narrow gauge loco.  The tender would be an unlikely addition to such a loco but looks good and allows the loco crew some fidget room as the loco cab is filled with mechanical gubbins.
'Powis Castle' in Roundhouse green.  A battery powered diesel outline loco with radio control. 
Purchased RTR manufactured by Roundhouse.
Described in the Roundhouse range as 'Criccieth Castle' this loco was renamed to look more in place with the large amount of W+LLR rolling stock on the CLR.
This is a very powerful and reliable locomotive and has engine noise and air brake sound to add to its credibility. 

'Dockyard No.2' in Roundhouse maroon.  A battery powered diesel outline loco with radio control.  Purchased RTR manufactured by Roundhouse but with extra soundcard and some repainting by another trader. 
Described in the Roundhouse range as 'Bulldog'. 
This loco hauls mostly MOD (RN) trains to/from the dockyard.
This photograph should be replaced soon with one showing the etched brass nameplates.
This loco is surprisingly powerful for it's size.
'GRACE' is from a Korean manufacturer sold by Garden Railway Specialists.  It is a battery powered diesel outline with radio control.  It has been painted purple on the request of Grace one of my granddaughters, who will be able to run it when she visits.  It is fair to say that the purple diesel stands out when displayed with our other locos but the longer term plan might be to repaint it if Grace grows out of her 'purple is best' phase.   


Locomotives awaiting construction as kits (all intended to be radio controlled)

  • GRS resin loco kit of Quarry Hunslet powered by battery but of steam outline.
    We are looking to get this locomotive fitted with radio control and onboard battery power and sound.  With help from the RC fitter I'm hoping to learn how to carry out this work for myself on other similar kits. 
  1. Swift Sixteen resin kit of WW1 tin turtle loco.
  2. IP Engineering kit of tram loco.
Photo gallery of trains in use on The CLR